Russ Barnett

a. Chinook Foundation

b. Intermunicipal Development (IMD)

c. Human Resources and Administration

d. Emergency Services (EMS)

e. Public Relations

f. Wildrose Place Home Owner’s Association

g. Ex-Officio of all committees

h. Chinook Foundation

i. ICF Committee

j. Chief Mountain Solid Waste (Alternative)


Brian Oliver

        a. Deputy Mayor

        b. Sustainable Agricultural Education Partnership (SAEP) Chair

        c. Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) Chair

        d. Community Futures

        e. Human Resources

        f. Water Commission

        g. Celebrations & Special Events

        h. ICF Committee


Brenda Beck

a. Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

b. Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) – Chair

c. Library Board

d. School Interface

e. Water Commission

f. Sustainable Agricultural Education Partnership (SAEP)

g. Mormon Trail

h. Intermunicipal Development (IMD)

i. Southgrow (Lead)

j. ICF Committee


DeVar Dahl

a. Remembrance Day

b. Library Board (Chair)

c. School Interface

d. Tourism (Badlands) #1

e. Human Resources and Administration

f. Chinook Arch

g. Museum


Craig Godlonton

a. Chinook Foundation

b. Regional Police Commission & Bylaws

c. Wildrose Place Home Owner’s Association

d. Development Appeals Board

e. Emergency Services (EMS)


Fernando Morales Llan

a. Human Resources

b. Chamber of commerce

c. Tourism (Badlands ) #2

d. Municipal Planning Commission (MPC)

e. Ag Society

f. Intermunicipal Development (IMD)

g. Magrath Golf Board


Richard VanEe

a. Chief Mountain Solid Waste

b. Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC)

c. Intermunicipal Development

d. Development Appeals Board

e. Water Commission

f. ICF Committee