The Town will provide one garbage cart for all residents at no cost. If the garbage cart is lost, stolen or damaged, it will be replaced by the resident at their cost. Residents may choose from two sizes of garbage carts: 95 gallon or 65 gallon.

Businesses and Commercial Institutional may continue to use the large hydraulic garbage bins or individual garbage carts as best meets their needs. If more than one garbage cart is required, pickup will be charged on a flat rate per bin used basis.


General Rules

In order to establish a standardised method of collecting waste, all Town businesses, commercial institutions, and residents shall adhere to the following regulations:

1. Waste includes:

a) Wet or dry offal refuse, animal and vegetable matter created from a domestic or commercial kitchens, stoves, or ovens.

b) Waste or trash created from domestic activities

2. Waste does not include:

a) Automobile bodies

b) Trees

c) Manure

d) Dead Animals

e) Waste or trash from lawn and gardens

f) Any larger object that does not fit into a Town supplied garbage cart

g) Dangerous, toxic or hazardous waste

h) Concrete

i) Dirt

3. Every residency on their collection day shall ensure that there is nothing that would obstruct the pickup of the garbage cart ensuring that there is nothing located directly in front of nor found within a one meter circumference of the refuse receptacle.

4. If a residency is not in adherence to Section 3 the garbage will not be picked up on that day or any other day of the week and will only be picked up on the next scheduled collection day if it is in adherence to Section 3.

5. The Town of Magrath will collect waste weekly according to the following schedule :

Tuesday: All residential pickups in the area between the east side of 1st Street West (Main Street) to the most eastern Town boundary and any commercial double pickups.

Thursday: All residential pickups in the area between the west side of 1st Street West (Main Street to the most western Town boundary.

Friday: All commercial, institution and large container pickups throughout the Town of Magrath.

6. If a scheduled pickup as outlined in Section 5 falls upon a statutory holiday notification of the waste collection schedule shall be advertised on the Town of Magrath website.