The Town of Magrath is in an exceptional situation these days. A local company, Surex Direct, is creating many new technology-based jobs in the community, and the visual quality and quality of life here for seniors and young families is second to none. The completion of the new storm drainage project at the north end of Town and the beautiful new Diamond Willow Lodge facility are just two of the recently completed projects in the Town.

Magrath’s schools are known for their academic excellence and their music and sport programs. Additionally, the recent modernization of our community’s schools, which is just wrapping up, together with the new Innovation Centre, joint school and public library, and Community Theatre also provide exceptional facilities for a community of this size. Magrath also has a host of recreational opportunities and its biking paths, wide shoulders on adjacent highways, expanding trail system, and outstanding golf course also set it apart. The community also has a wide range of developable land near the highway and along the Pothole Creek valley, and its location on a major tourism and commuter corridor, Highway 5, makes Magrath an excellent choice for those interested in an affordable, safe and quality community experience. Magrath is also an environmentally-friendly community and its leopard frog reinstatement program and gateway location on the eastern edge of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem set it apart as well. All of these things contribute to the community’s recent growth and continuing attraction. For all of these reasons, Magrath is expecting significant growth in the next few years. If you have questions about housing, employment, light industrial, commercial, or other opportunities in our community, please give us a call.